Freyr UKRP Services for Foreign Manufacturers

Are you a foreign manufacturer exporting devices to the UK and Looking for a UKRP services?
Freyr is a trusted UKRP partner for global device manufacturers

Freyr UKRP Services include –

  • Representing your device in the UK
  • Liaising with UK MHRA on your behalf
  • Registration of your devices with UK MHRA
  • 30 minutes of pre-purchase free consultation
  • Review of technical file for UK MHRA compliance
  • Freyr name on label

What More?


Quarterly Reports on UKRP Services

Heads up on UK MHRA Regulatory Updates


Qualified Regulatory Professionals acting as your UKRP

Discounted Pricing for Multi-Year and Multi-Product Contracts


Why Freyr?


Established UKRP entity

Registered with the UK MHRA

Registered 1500+ devices with UK MHRA

Download Freyr Free UKRP Guide

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